Is it even POSSIBLE to create the life you have always desired by changing up your home SPACE?

Absolutely ~ when you change up your space you are literally transforming your life! 


Does any of this resonate with YOU?

  • You realize your space is just not working for you anymore, but unsure of where to start.

  • You¬†are genuinely concerned¬†about the future¬†of your business and are ready to change things up.

  • ¬†You're¬†not sure how rearranging your home space¬†can translate into a happier, more successful life.

  • As¬†challenges in your life happen you find¬†yourself distracted¬†from your business and life.

  • ¬†You¬†can't focus because your home space feels overwhelming and is not aligned for your future vision.

  • You¬†feel like giving up, are¬†emotionally drained, exhausted,¬†wondering if it has¬†something to do with your¬†environment.

  • ¬†You've been¬†doing the same thing year in and year out¬†and are sooo ready¬†to try something new.

  • You wonder if moving, changing things up¬†is the answer and are ready to gain insight on what's next.


Imagine if...

You wake up in love with your space¬†because it puts you in¬†alignment and in the flow¬†of your amazing life ūüíÉūüŹĽ
You¬†have the time¬†to¬†nurture yourself, enjoy your home while¬†growing¬†a business you love ūüôŹ

You finally have the¬†tools to navigate through¬†the many phases in life with a¬†space that supports you ūüŹ°
Instead of being distracted and out of alignment you¬†finally have a clear path for success in lifeūüíį
You find yourself secure, happy, relaxed, calm, healthy, focused, and feeling¬†balanced ūüßė‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ
You notice that not only is your business growing, but you have time for fun, travel and YOU! ūüĆą
You have the tools to attract more opportunities to create a¬† dramatically¬†different life ūüéČ
You¬†LOVE ‚̧ԳŹyour home¬†as it no longer holds you back¬†because it's¬†a co-creator in ALL aspects of your life! ~¬† So cool! ūüėé

In this course you'll:

Learn the Language of Spaces

Each space communicates letting you know what might be blocking you from your dreams. Once you start to see, hear and sense the energy you will invite in so many new possibilities. 

Find Out How Your Space Is Draining You

Have you considered that your space is a reflection of what you are putting out energetically and that it can deplete you? Learn to increase the energy in your home so that it energizes you and your business.

Learn The Value Of Unraveling

Letting go is part of the journey to success. Less is more. You will learn the power of unraveling that makes your life so much easier. These techniques can be applied to ALL spaces forever.

Navigate Potential Challenges

You will learn to navigate through challenging times, and stop doing what was done previously and create new ways for the best possible outcome.

Match Your Style With Your Desires

Often you move into a space and forget to connect your dreams with your environment. Learn about elevating yourself and your space's vibration so that things flow smoothly.

Embrace Success

Once you understand how to apply the tools and techniques consistently there will be no stopping you from succeeding and LOVING your life going forward! YOU can do this!

If you are wondering what others are saying, about working with Lisa  
the results speak for themselves...

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"Lisa, I didn’t know what direction my life was going. I was truly lost having been laid off for an indeterminate time. And then an email from you came... something told me to just click it. I will never underestimate our spaces. My life has turned around I am so grateful for you."~ Hugs JK, USA


After connecting with Lisa, ~ my house sold and doubled what I paid for it and got a job that day as well.  Excited about a new space opening up all this happened within 2 weeks during COVID. I'm so grateful for what you shared with my space ~ LM, New Zealand


Always been intrigued about conscious spaces with what works and not, love that you went beyond Feng Shui. Drawing our spaces was just amazing. So grateful to you that you helped me get to my 2nd home.  Doors open up every time I come to the weekly calls - something shifts.  This program is AMAZING ~ DC, United Arab Emirates


The class has literally changed and shifted everything, Lisa is the embodiment of empowerment, she knows exactly what you require at that moment ~ SM, Netherlands


Meet Lisa Benitz

Founder of Creating Conscious Spaces¬ģ.

Lisa is known internationally as the¬†Space Whisperer‚ĄĘ combining her love and knowledge of physical spaces, Feng Shui, design and energy into this master program. Whether it is your home, business, or the places you travel, you will learn how to transform your spaces to enhance your life even during challenging times.

"Changing the World One Space at a Time"

Dalbir, UAE


Setting up your home for a happier more balanced abundant life!

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"Honestly I was skeptical that connecting energetically with my space was going to create concrete results. But I decided to try it. I’ve had time since the pandemic and thought why not?  

Well literally within a week after applying what you told me to, my life and business have opened up. Within a week I’ve gone from just having enough to having more money this month than I have ever had in my career. Ok you just turned a skeptic into a believer! Thank you, thank you." LK, UK

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