Meet Lisa Benitz, the Space Whisperer™ and Founder of Creating Conscious Spaces® Academy.  Lisa blends her passion for interiors, exteriors, architecture, antiques, geomancy, Vatsu, dowsing, Feng Shui, and intuition to effect positive change. She's authored manuals and taught globally, guiding people through major life transitions like relationship changes, health challenges, new babies, buying and selling, career changes, and death. Her programs empower women to embody their true selves by shifting their environment and beyond.

Since childhood, Lisa has had a unique ability to sense the energy of spaces, intuitively knowing what's needed for transformation. She has honed this gift through working with clients worldwide, both in person, podcast and via Zoom. In 2020, she transitioned her work online to reach a wider audience.

Choose from life-changing programs tailored to you. Whether you seek to optimize your business with her customized program, Setting Your Office Up For Success, or dive deeper with the master program, Space For More, Lisa's programs offer weekly LIVE coaching and lifetime access. Her mission is to empower you with transformative tools for a joyful, abundant life, starting with your space.

Ready to begin your journey today?